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LCD Chronometer 48x48mm


The DELTA-H is a time meter that includes all the useful functions that allows controlling a process related to the time.

A general totalizer allows knowing the total time of operation.
A batch counter allows selecting the number of operations to be done.

At design time has been considered the concepts of easy to use and easy to start with.

Thus, a LCD display background-illuminated, with two lines, allows to show simultaneously the timer actual value and according to programmed, the preset value P1 or P2, general totalizer or batch counter.

Modifying a parameter or a preset value is very easy thanks to the keyboard like a joystick, that allows selecting quickly the desired digit and to increment or to decrement it.
Also, by programming is possible to change the parameters that will be accessible to the user.

Compact, universal and easy to use, this time meter helps to solve in an optimal way the timing problems on the most applications.