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Multifunction High Performance Display
555 Readings / second


The GAMMA-M instrument is designed to measure weight, load, pressure, displacement, or DC current using external shunts, and accepts transducers like Load-Cell, Pressure Transmitter, Linear Potentiometers, Shunts. Etc...

Two scaling modes, manual or teach, filter levels selectable by key, as well as last digit resolution, making easy to adapt the instrument to any input signal.
Setpoints with possibility of Latch, Delay or Hysteresis, working related to Peak, Valley or Peak-Peak value.

The serial communication allows, using a special function, transmitting at 200 readings per second, during all time this special function is activated.

As standard has four different excitation voltages to supply the transducers: 10 V, 5 V, 2.2 V y 24 V.