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Low Cost Frequency / Speed Indicator


Panel instrument for measuring:


Totally programmable by keyboard.

Display range from 0 ÷ 9999, decimal point position programmable.
Keyboard composed of three keys located on the bottom of display.
Accepts the connection of most Standard sensor: PicK-up Magnetic, Namur , PNP, NPN, switch, as well as the possibility of measuring frequencies from signals in the range of 10 to 600 V ac. E.g. the frequency of main voltage supply.
Frequency ranges: 99,99 Hz, 999,9 Hz and 9999 Hz

TACHOMETER in mode TAC programming only the pulses per revolution or in mode Rate programming the relationship between Frequency / display (in desired engineering units)

Power Supply 85-265VAC PICA-F
Power Supply 10,5-70 VDC PICA-F6