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PID Regulator 48x48mm


The SW48 is an extremely compact temperature controller with a depth of only 58 mm.
Its 48 x 48 mm front panel has a large color LCD screen.

Equipped with multiple inputs / outputs and sophisticated control functions, the SW48 temperature controller is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Precise Control
    Process speed of 50ms (10 times faster than conventional models)
    Improved precision (± 2%)
  • High visibility display
    High contrast LCD and improved visibility angle
  • Practical options included
    Simple measurement of Watts / Hour: allows to monitor the energy consumption.
    Operation days alarm: Help to schedule maintenance
  • The most compact in the industry
    36% smaller than conventional models (58mm deep)
  • Universal input
    RTD, Thermocouples, Voltage, Current and mV.
    Simple configuration with only the change of one parameter.
  • Direct connection to PC with the optional USB cable
    It is not necessary to power the SW48 for its configuration (Powered by USB)